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Years after the events of Phoenix Mountain, Jusendo, and the failed marriage, Ranma is a wandering ronin due to a mysterious disaster that has cut him off from the life he knew. Thanks to the influence of his adoptive 'brother', Kintaro Oe, Ranma has decided to try out for Tokyo University. Now, he just has to find a place to stay near the campus… (Comedy)

Diamonds in the Rough
A Ranma ½ / Love Hina / Golden Boy crossover story by Brian Randall.


Chapter 1

Chapter Two: I'm Not a Pervert!

Chapter Three: Call me Master

Chapter Four: Can I Win?

Chapter Five: Change Comes from Without?

Chapter Six: Visitors! Hoax! Madness!

Chapter Seven: Tamago and the Sea Princess

Chapter Eight: Trials, Testing, and Temporary Employment

Chapter Nine: Winter Performance (Part One)

Chapter Ten: Winter Performance (Part Two)

Chapter Eleven: Wrap Party

Chapter Twelve: Season's Greetings

Chapter Thirteen: New Year's Tidings

Chapter Fourteen: Revelations and Leave-takings

Chapter Fifteen: Trouble in Paradise

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