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Epilogue: From Dream to Legend

An Oh, My Goddess story
By Brian Randall

Disclaimer: Ah! Megami-sama Kousuke Fujishima, Kodansha, AIC, Animeigo, Studio Proteus, and Dark Horse Comics.

Notes: It's an alt, as should become apparent shortly, since I've read most of the U.S. manga, seen some of the OAVs, and not watched the movie.

And so it came to pass that, this time, the Once and Future King did not meet his Destiny until his Fate was fulfilled.

Where before the legends always stated that he was borne away by three sisters, this time, he was led into the darkness beyond the mortal realm by a man, and two women.

The women were both exceedingly fair, one light, the other dark, and walked on each side of the man. The first had a gown of purest black, contrasting the second's stark white, and the man's stoic gray. The man, while not great of stature, was great in presence, seemingly unstoppable, yet restrained, and made no move to force the King's passing, until he was ready.

And when he led the King away, the man paused, on the threshold of something that no mortal eye could discern, and looked back, and smiled. His flowing black hair rippled in a breeze that could not be felt by any save himself, and the King, and he shook his head solemnly, bowing respectfully to the women, and vanishing.

Seemingly full of sadness, the women led the King away.

While later manuscripts all disagreed on most minor details, they all agreed on one thing. The man, for all of his gray formality, wore a colorful scarf, waving in the wind along with his hair before he departed.


End, Fate and Destiny.

Author's Notes: Ah… this one came much more clumsily than I had intended… I hope it works.

Errata, for those of you familiar with In Nomine, I am not, so that, whatever it is, has no relevance to this. That I know of.

Beyond that… How did it end? That's, unfortunately, a question you generally have to answer for yourself.

I can tell you what I think, but with a story like this, my opinion (even as the author) is not an absolute.

That being said, I think that, however it worked out, they found happiness, and love with one another. And that's what's important, in the end. Being happy and loved… what more is there?

So mote it be.

Translations of chapter titles:

  • Dormio Animus — Slumbering spirits
  • Suscitatio — Awakening
  • Infirme Conscius — Faint awareness
  • Plene Evigilo — To awaken completely
  • Inchoatus Ludus — First move/End game


  • 'Hoshi-no-shinzou' — Star Heart (Heart of the Star)
  • Tatsugo — Fifth dragon
  • Mizuumino — 'Of the lake'
  • 'World Ash' — archaic term for Yggdrasil.

The Heart of the Star is (I think) the name of the sword that Amaterasu bore in Japanese mythos. Fifth dragon is Pendragon, while 'of the lake' is a not-subtle-at-all reference to Lancelot. World Ash mostly just was thrown in for flavor.

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