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A spamfic
by Brian Randall

Durandall: If someone else who has the inclination and the knowledge wants to make more of this, please do. And let me read it.

Sailor Moon sunk to her knees, exhausted. <It's not supposed to be like this,> she reflected.

Mars panted for breath, clutching one hand to a slowly spreading bloodstain on her side while the rest of the Inners tended their own hurts. After a moment, she shook her head, "What… what do we do now?"

For a long moment, Sailor Moon said nothing, simply scanning the horizon. The sky was dark, and the pollution level was much worse than in their world. "Well. We aren't in Crystal Tokyo…" She trailed off numbly, unable to think of anything else. <We've gotten this far. Now what?>

The forlorn group was huddled in a corridor that abruptly ended in a fifty-story drop in what appeared to be an abandoned skyscraper. Whatever it was that had chased them was far more dangerous than any youma or daimon they had faced before. They had managed to run it off for a while, but it hadn't seemed seriously damaged, and Tuxedo Kamen had fallen from his perch to an unknown depth.

Mercury winced, shifting her broken leg as little as possible, "If… If Sailor Pluto were here, we could…" She trailed off suddenly, realizing the futility of the gesture. "Let's not give up hope. I will see what I can find with the computer."

The statement was met with half-hearted nods, and Mercury turned her attention to her monitor. After a moment, she discovered that whatever technology was used in this world was far different from their own, and the computer was going to need hours before it could retrieve any useful data. Her assessment of the situation was met with half-hearted murmurs.

Sailor Moon rose to her feet unsteadily, "It's coming back."

Mars gritted her teeth, "Too soon."

Jupiter nodded weakly, still wiping a smear of blood from her face, "Look at the bright side… It's just the five of us, and… the Outers can still handle… home. Right?"

Sailor Moon winced visibly, struggling to fight back despair. "We don't know that Mamoru is dead…"

Venus moaned weekly from her position, and tried to pull herself to a sitting position, "Run… I'll hold it here…"

The others simply shook their heads. Mars spoke first, "We aren't abandoning anyone, and you can't handle it anyway."

Sailor Moon pushed Venus back to the ground, "Try not to move too much. If we… well. I don't care anymore. Either we'll win together, or we'll lose together, agreed?"

Mars nodded, seeming to have recovered from her wounds. "Right. The three of us can try and buy Venus and Mercury some time to… plan, or something… right?"

Mercury shrugged, indicating the timer on the screen of her computer. 'Four hours remaining to complete decryption.'

Jupiter turned, leaving her back to the other scouts and the opening to the sky behind her. In the darkness, something shifted.

The monstrosity stalked forward, taking one step at a time, seeming to enjoy the fear in its victims as it approached. The three scouts still standing exchanged a glance and began to prepare their attacks when a voice cut them off.

The voice was deep, and carried a sense of confidence, even though none of the girls could see the speaker. The creature whirled, seeming to be caught in a glowing diagram that appeared on the floor:

"Raphael to my front, Gabriel to my rear, Michael to my right, Uriel to my left"

The light underneath the creature flared brightly, and the intonation became faster, "Ater marcet ve gebra…"

The three scouts still standing shared a three-way glance. Mars raised her hands in front of her in preparation, "Burning…"

Jupiter nodded, and raised her own hands, "Sparkling wide…"

Sailor Moon stumbled to the head of the trio, "Moon Princess…"

"…Ve dedra lu oram, AMEN!"




The four attacks stuck the abomination simultaneously, overpowering it and reducing it to ash.

The senshi, too relieved at the mere thought of continuing their existence, slumped to their knees, glancing up to their benefactor. A woman in somewhat military style dress, wielding a nasty looking dagger.

The glowing symbol faded, and she stepped across it, eyeing the wounded girls suspiciously. "And just who are you?"

Sailor Moon raised her chin and began to intone, "We are the pretty…" She sighed as she trailed off, and glanced back at the other scouts. With her head bowed, she slumped forward again. "Screw it. We're lost dimensional travelers, and kind of fight demons… but I guess not that well anymore." She laughed bitterly, "And we can't get home. I'm… Tsukino Usagi."

The other sailors mumbled, too tired and emotionally spent to care about something as trivial as hiding their identities on a world that wasn't their own.

The woman in uniform nodded slowly, "I'm Liqueur Katsumi, with the A.M.P. I'd like to take you in and ask a few questions…

Disclaimer: Silent Mobius belongs to Kia Asamiya and Streamline Pictures.  Sailor Moon belongs to Naoko Takeuchi, Koudansha, TV Asahi, Toei Douga and DIC.

Author's Notes: This is just a really whacked out idea that came to me. I was heavily under the influence of recreational beverages when I thought it up.

Anyway. If this were to be continued further, I could see each of the senshi being paired up with one of the members of A.M.P., and (we can hope!) training to fight a little better. Once Katsumi becomes more powerful, they begin to hint at the possibility of her being able to send the senshi home… but not until Nemesis is dealt with.

Think of the pairings here…

Katsumi-Usagi, Kiddy-Makoto, Lebia-Ami, Nami-Rei, Yuki-Minako…
Or that might be too neat for you, and can be scrambled around like so:
Lebia-Usagi, Kiddy-Ami, Yuki-Makoto, Nami-Minako, Katsumi-Rei.

Or whatever. Anyway. There's a lot of different ways this could go… I think the most interesting thing would be to have Tuxedo mask survive whatever initial incident occurred, only with slight amnesia. Robert Device could find him later and take him under his wing, so to speak. The biggest problem here is the obvious disparity in power levels between Sailor Moon and Silent Mobius. I would think that with the appropriate training. The senshi would manage to get nearly on par with the A.M.P., as well as already being able to work as a team (something that A.M.P. might be able to get help on, depending on how early you drop the senshi into their timeline).

Then, what would Rally think of all of this? It's got potential, but I'm up to my ears in projects and pre-reading, and the truth of the matter is I really don't know enough about either series to continue this…

November 29, 2000

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