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A spamfic
by Brian Randall

Disclaimer: Moved to the footer, as to avoid ruining the surprise.

Note: Perfect for breaking writer's block. Try it some time! It's fun!

Tenchi smiled brightly to himself. Maybe fast food wasn't exactly the greatest job in the universe. Still, it was a job, it was his, and damn it all, he was going to do it well.

But that spooky-looking blonde girl kept staring into the shop with big goo-goo eyes and drooling freely.

It was getting to be a little… scary…

He glanced towards the window out of the corner of his eye again, but she was still there, and she was still drooling.

Whispering to his co-workers, he explained, "I'm going to sneak around behind her and ask what the heck is going on. Get ready to call the police. They nodded, already unnerved by her presence, and the apparent ability to generate so much drool.

Sasami closed her eyes, concentrating. "Washu-chan?" she began unsteadily. "Where is Mihoshi?"

The not-quite-as-diminutive-as-normal girl turned around, hiding her portable terminal in one sleeve of her clothing. "You lost her?"

The little green haired girl nodded apologetically. "I'm afraid so, Washu-chan…"

Groaning, the redhead rubbed at her temple. "Why exactly did we need to bring her back, anyway?"

Sasami blinked at that, an answer dying on her lips. "Um," she ventured. "I can't remember either, so maybe she just stumbled in. Wasn't it supposed to be Kiyone?"

Washu sighed, shaking her head. "Three months," she despaired. "Three months when we should have had a year, and now we're a person short! Oh well… Kiyone was the most expendable."

The little girl nodded, following the redhead towards Mihoshi, and a slew of flashing red police-lights.

Washu groaned, "This can't be good."

Tenchi shook his head, walking into the house he shared with his father and announcing, "I'm home!"

Nobuyuki was waiting at the table, sunglasses gleaming. Tenchi swallowed nervously. Ever since his father had semi-retired from his architectural pursuits, he found things to entertain himself that worried his son.

Worried Tenchi greatly, in fact, though he tried not to mention it too much. "You wouldn't believe what happened at work today," Tenchi ventured, one eye firmly on his father, the other frantically searching for a venue of escape if his father had hatched another insane ploy involving women.


Tenchi winced. It was women. That was the only time his father used that tone of voice. "Yes, Father?" Tenchi hazarded, gauging the odds of success should he try and simply bolt back out the door he entered from.

"We have new houseguests."

"Oh, I see." Okay, well, running wouldn't work. Seppuku? Running away and living with his grandfather in a shrine? Actually, that last bit had some appeal to it… "Where are they?"

Three girls trooped into the room, each of them smiling, but one of them… one of them… "YOU!" Tenchi and Mihoshi exclaimed simultaneously, pointing at each other.

Tenchi's eyes bugged out, as he prepared to turn, and flee… but not quickly enough. "ACK!" He managed, ending up on the receiving end of a moist and cheerful glomp from the bubbly and curvaceous blonde.

Mihoshi cheerfully chirped, "And you got us sent to the nice policeman, and then he gave us something called udon, and he said… but that was before… Oh, wait. I forget. But… Anyway, I wanted to thank you for getting us sent here! Now we can spend all sorts of time together, and…" The droning continued, while Tenchi frantically tried to reach either the phone or a tanto.

Shrine, seppuku… freedom was freedom, at this point.

The redhead pinched Mihoshi at the nape of her neck, lifting her from Tenchi like an overgrown kitten as the blonde suddenly fell docile. "Sorry," she apologized. "Mihoshi is… a little excitable."

Tenchi nodded dumbly, as the polite little girl with long green hair bowed apologetically along with the taller redhead. "My name is Sasami, Tenchi-sama."

"And my name is Washu."

The boy blinked, nodding again, and unsure of how to deal with this situation.

Nobuyuki grinned widely, seeing no problems with the recent developments. "So, Tenchi, these girls will be attending school with you…"

Tanto and temple, Tenchi decided. He had to get out of this situation.

Washu crouched behind the corner of a warehouse, peeking around to look at something. "Are you sure?" she whispered.

Sasami whispered back, "I'm positive. I'm going to need about two minutes before I can fully generate, though."

Washu nodded, hearing someone approach. "Damn!" she swore. "I bet that's Tenchi, too! You deal with the Generator, and I'll buy us some time, okay?"

Sasami nodded, rushing around the corner to deal with the threat to the way of life she and Washu and… kind of… Mihoshi had been sent back in time to protect.


Yes folks, this is Generator Pretty Sammy.

Disclaimer: Generator Gawl is the property of ADV, while Tenchi is the property of Pioneer (in the US). (That's right! Pioneer owns heaven and earth in the US!)

Author's notes: And yeah, this actually does destroy writer's block.

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