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A spamfic
by Brian Randall

Disclaimer: Moved to the footer to avoid spoiling the surprise.

And this time, the blame goes to Corwin.

He smiled from his position, waiting for her to arrive at his chosen arena. The world had to change, and he was going to be the one to change it, if he had any say in the matter. That was the point of the duels, of course.

He nodded to himself, watching his opponent climb the spiral staircase with sure, confident steps. A smile showed on his face for a moment before he managed to school his expression to neutrality again.

The dueling arena was prepared, as the two combatants faced each other, and a faint music began to swell up from some unknown point.

He waited, knowing that he did not need to warm up before they began, and idly allowed his eyes to search out the school in the distance, though he did pause to wonder why the arena wasn't visible from Ohtori Academy… perhaps it wasn't important.

"Ready?" a voice asked.

He turned to face her again, not hiding his predatory smirk. "Alone, this time? Isn't someone… missing?"

The girl shook her head, her short pink hair moving in the slow breeze that swept across the battlefield. "I don't need that to defeat you."

He narrowed his eyes, and shifted his stance, bringing one foot forward slightly, as a drumbeat sounded in the quickly intensifying music. "Then we begin!"

He knew that the girl was a revolutionary, but he had plans… oh so many plans… He smirked, watching her shift her position, bringing one foot forward in time with the music as the volume increased.

Yes! It's: Dance Dance Revolutionary Girl Utena!

Disclaimer: Dance Dance Revolution is the property of Konami, and Revolutionary Girl Utena is the property of Chiho Saito, Shougakukan.

I wonder if anyone will actually get this one…

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