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By Brian Randall

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He tightened his arms around her, hugging with all his might, not thinking for a moment about the consequences. She reacted, hugging him back twice as hard, leaving him to fall limp in a pile on the floor, twitching in pain. "Ow," he managed.

She giggled letting go of him. "Oops! Forgot about that. Be careful, Ryouga-kun," she admonished, studying him closely. "You've had worse," she judged after a moment.

He blinked in confusion looking up at the girl he intended to marry. "When did you get so strong?" he asked, puzzled and in deep pain.

She shrugged, looking away for the moment. "I should tell you, if we're going to be getting married… my last name isn't Unryuu." She sighed, patting Ryouga's head comfortingly.

Ryouga's first through was 'danger' in big, flashing, red kanji. "Um?" he asked, ignoring his danger sense and plowing bravely forward.

She sighed, looking skyward. "Unryuu-san was simply the first to find me after we… fell back, I suppose." She shook her head. "They were upset that we had beaten them, depriving them of the chance to take our planet and make it their own. They banished us… I don't know where the others are. But they sent me here." She nodded, clenching a fist and posing dramatically. "I think I understand, now, though I didn't, then."

Ryouga began to puzzle on the intricacies of escaping while his spine was crushed into a bow-tie. "Eh?" he persisted, not really thinking about it.

"The way I figure it," the girl said, closing the only door to the room and beginning to tug at her clothing, "is that our best chance for survival is to make things go they way… they did before." She smirked, dropping her dress to the floor, and pausing a moment to free her hair.

Thoughts of escaping did just that, while Ryouga blinked. "Ur?" he managed, his eyes bulging at Akari's barely concealed curves as she knelt, working at his own clothing.

"Sorry," she said after a moment, having some trouble with the leg bindings Ryouga habitually wore. "Anyway. The thing is, we need the Headmaster to help us out, and we don't really know who he is. He's not an alien, but he's so much more than an average human…" She sighed, tugging Ryouga's shirt off, while he gurgled into her cleavage. "Am I confusing you?"

"Murph," he explained.

"Right. Anyway, I think that the best chance for us to create Grant is you and I to have a child… only this time, if we can, lots of them. No reason to leave just one for the year three thousand…"

Ryouga felt a dim wonder at the fact that, he couldn't really blame Ranma for this one. And it was kind of a shame, really, though he wouldn't exactly want to run up to Ranma and scream, "Ranma! Because of you, I was seduced by a psycho woman!"

Akari removed the last articles of her own clothing, and as they vanished, so did Ryouga's conscious thoughts for the moment.

Much, much later, as he groggily collected his bearings, though he didn't completely allow himself to realize the enormity of the situation, he managed to ask, "Who were you before you were an Unryuu?"

She sighed, curling around him languorously. "Kanzaki," she murmured, "Kanzaki Akari."



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