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Another Call to Arms

A mystery fusion
By Brian Randall

Disclaimers at the bottom.

A young man lounged idly against a giant beanbag cushion, watching the monitor before him.

After a burst of static from a channel-change, he settled for what was on the screen — an advertisement for a soda just coming to an end.

She cocked a massive weapon, pumping something back and nodding smartly towards the camera, before the scene shifted.

A slew of minute, dark-haired female technicians scurried about a lab, before a massive cage containing what the boy automatically recognized as the Enemy. Everyone knew about them, hated them, but…

A banner flashed across the screen, large green letters boldly proclaiming, "We have the technology," as a matching voice-over picked up a moment later.

One of the scientists looked up at the camera and smiled proudly as the screen shifted again.

The new scene showed a desolate, chaotic wasteland, and a bravely smiling platinum-haired woman, proudly holding the largest gun that the boy had ever seen in one hand. She raised her other hand to the weapon's barrel, and pumped it once before her grin grew larger, and the scrolling letters began anew, this time stating, "We have the weapons."

The scene shifted — again — to a college-like campus. A training center, he knew. "Hmmm," he mused aloud, watching more information scroll by. Men and women his own age filed into an office, all of them dressed casually, and emerging later in full uniform, carrying the same weapons the platinum haired woman had borne.

And the final message scrolled by, the voice-over suddenly increasing in volume, "All we need now is YOU!"

He considered for a moment, then shrugged. "What the hell," he mused. "A war against the Bugs. Why not?" With that, he rose, stretching, and ambled towards the videophone. "Now, what was that number…?"


Disclaimer: Ah! Megami-sama is the property of Kousuke Fujishima, Kodansha, AIC, Animeigo, Studio Proteus, and Dark Horse Comics. Starship Troopers is the property of Sony and Columbia/Tri-Star, based on a book by Robert Heinlein.

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