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A Hand Maid May spamfic
by Brian Randall

Disclaimer: Hand-Maid May belongs to Pioneer LDC.

Saotome Kazuya whistled softly to himself, tapping the final lines of code in. "That should do it," he commented, pausing to sip at a glass of milk.

May peered over his shoulder uncertainly, blinking in confusion. "What will it do?"

Kazuya shrugged, gesturing to the five smaller Cyberdyne 'Hand-Maid' model robots that had been delivered after May. "Well," he explained, setting up the U.S.B. cables for the operation, "We can use this so that you can run one of the smaller robots, and still keep conscious. Only one at a time, but it's an improvement."

Nodding, May looked over the smaller robots, wondering which one she should choose… "What will they be like?" she asked.

"That's hard to guess, but from what I can tell, if it's just one of them, then it should be just like you, only… smaller." Kazuya frowned, scratching his head nervously. "Of course," he admitted, "it hasn't been tested yet, so we don't know for sure…"

May smiled brightly, momentarily dazzling the young inventor. "I'll choose this one!" she said excitedly, indicating the smaller may dressed in black.

Nodding, Kazuya connected her to the serial bus, then frowned, as May connected herself to another adapter. "Though… it does occur to me, we're going to need a different name for her."

May's smile grew slightly sinister, and she chuckled. "Why, that's simple! I shall call her… mini-May…"



The friend who gave me this idea disavows all knowledge of doing such. Such is life.

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