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An Important Decision Akane calls a meeting of all the men in her life to make an announcement, but Shinnosuke says that she's an impostor…  (Comedy) Ranma ½.
Introductions First Place Winner, 100th Newsletter Short Story ContestIn honor of the Lost Library's 100th newsletter, this story was written as an entry in a spamfic contest. It is also the teaser for a new series. (Comedy) Azumanga Daioh.

"Introductions" won first place in the Lost Library 100th Newsletter Short Story Contest.
None of the Above Ranma finally makes his choice, in a story which makes use of an excessive number of in-joke references to other fan fiction stories.  How many can you spot?  (Comedy) Ranma ½.
One Mistake After Another- Chapter 1 A chance comment by Ranma sets two of his fiancées off on an unexpected competition. (Comedy) Ranma ½.
-Lime Warning-
Sailor A slightly different take on a Ranma/ Sailor Moon crossover, in which Ranma finds that being caught up in the events of Juuban aren't the cure for his daily woes he thought it might be… (Comedy) Ranma ½ / Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon crossover.
Sizing Things Up Following his wedding to Akane, Ranma learns that being a Man among Men may be more difficult than he thought. (Comedy) Ranma ½.
-Lime Warning-
The Day the Dogs Won Urd (from OMG) makes a cameo appearance and twists the Ranma ½ relationships beyond all recognition. (Comedy) Ranma ½.
-Lime Warning-
The One She Truly Loves One of Ranma's fiancées reflects on her true feelings. (Comedy) Ranma ½.
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