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Katha is an island that contains a mansion filled with puzzles and illusions, built by a D'ni man named Faresh. He abandoned it after the death of his daughter, who claimed to see spirits and fell from a window in the middle of the night. He willed it to the Relyimah (the Unseen), the secret service of the kings of D'ni.

According to veteran explorer Tweek, who has been given access to confidential information from Cyan Worlds, Katha is located a short distance southeast of Ae'gura Island.

An artist's concept drawing of the mansion on Katha. No actual pictures are available..

This is an artist's drawing of the mansion's interior courtyard.


Here are artist's drawings of two of the rooms in the mansion, the White Room and the Yellow Room. There are no explanations available for the decorations and objects shown in the drawings.

White Room

Yellow Room

As a side note, the D'ni and Terahnee had several terms in common that had very different applications. Relyimah is one. To the D'ni, "relyimah" was used for a kind of secret police. To the Terahnee, it was the word for the human slaves that kept their utopia functioning. Bahro is another example. To the D'ni, bahro (beast people) meant their intelligent nonhuman slaves who could link without need for books. To the Terahnee, bahro was used for any people found in an Age that were not descended from the Ronay. The D'ni called such human aborigines of the Ages "ahrotahntee" (outsiders).

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