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This is a sketch of K'veer from the Book of Atrus. Like most of the islands in the caverns, it's a giant stalagmite, which means there will be a matching stalactite on the cavern roof above it. It was carved into the shape seen here by the ancestors of Lord Rakeri and Veovis, and the mansion itself was excavated into the interior of the rock.


This is a sketched overview of the island's layout. If the northward pointing arrow in this sketch matches the one on Aitrus' map, the Grand Ballroom windows should be located somewhere on the west side of the stalagmite where there is a sheer vertical drop.

Map of K'veer

View from the Great Hall in K'veer, looking toward Ae'gura in the distance. You can see the tall stalagmite that holds the Great Zero. Kerath's Arch is between us and the island, so it's much harder to see.

K'veer's locationThis is a section from my cavern map. This part of the map shows K'veer's position relative to Ae'gura Island. The Great Hall windows face south, toward Ae'gura.

K'veer's KI coordinates average about 1500 torantee direction, 811 shahfeetee distance, and -72 shahfeetee elevation. That's about 9° east of the zero meridian, 2.04 miles / 3.29 kilometers distance, and 910 feet below the Great Zero. Those measurements were taken from the rotunda.

K'veer was a privately owned island that was converted into a large mansion by digging into the central stalagmite. It had enough rooms for the master's family and many servants. Near the time of the Fall, it was owned by Lord Rakeri. After his death, Veovis and A'gaeris used it as a base for their plot to destroy D'ni. After the Fall of D'ni, Gehn lived there with his servant, Rijus. During this time, Gehn trapped his son, Atrus, in a circular room adorned with a large mosaic of Ri'neref on the floor. This was the first time Atrus was trapped there, but not the last. Years later, Atrus' sons Sirrus and Achenar, tried to get rid of their parents by tricking Catherine into going to Riven, and then trapping Atrus in K'veer again. Atrus remained in K'veer, working to stabilize Riven, until the Stranger found him and rescued Catherine.

The rotunda that Atrus was trapped in has a central tile mosaic of the face of Ri'neref, seen here.

This is the room Atrus was trapped in, showing his improvised desk and bookshelf. I call this room the Rotunda for obvious reasons.

The pedestal in the center of the room holds a linking book to Myst Island, and was placed there by Yeesha.

This is part of the main corridor, which is blocked off by cave-ins at the top and bottom ends. It leads from the rotunda to the Great Hall now. There are windows in this section that look into a balcony in the Great Hall.

The only other room of K'veer that can be accessed now was designated as the Great Hall by the DRC. It faces southwest and has a view of Ae'gura island in the distance.

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