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The calculator's buttons have different colors according to function.

white data entry
yellow basic calculations
red special commands
green conversion between torans/degrees
blue sign change

White buttons:


You can use either Arabic or D'ni digits, but not both in the same number. Example:

,, possible
,, possible
,, not possible

Yellow buttons:


These work like any other calculator. You can see the last-pressed operation sign on the left side of the D'ni display. If you haven't typed a number, you can change the operation sign by pressing another yellow button. (Note: only works with +, -, x, ÷. Not with =) Although it's not possible to mix D'ni and Arabic digits in the same number, it's possible to mix D'ni and Arabic numbers in an operation. Example:

,,,, possible

Red buttons:

starts a completely new calculation
deletes the last number. This is useful if you typed the wrong number and don't want to start a new calculation
deletes the last digit
rounds the result, or cuts off the digits after a comma


,,, The display will show
,,, The display will show

I had to add the cut/rnd button because the D'ni calculator can't show points or commas. We don't know how the D'ni wrote numbers like 0.5 or pi, for example, and they didn't divide places with commas.

Green buttons:

This button converts a number into torans
This button converts a number into degrees


,,, The display will show because 860 torans are about 5°

The Blue button:

This button changes the sign. 349 will change to -349, for example

Other notes:

1. If the calculator rounds a number, this is shown by these signs:

Arabic numbers
D'ni numbers

2. If you make a mistake such as trying to divide by zero, the display will show this:

Arabic numbers
D'ni numbers

3. This calculator is not programmed to work with fractions, just whole numbers.

4. JavaScript is not a very fast language, so don't be impatient.


—Simon Riedl,
September 1999

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