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Atrus's Prayer

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Atrus's Prayer in the 1996 Myst Calendar.
Text Translation Image
Avo [Father(?)] Yahvo ["The Maker"(?)] Atrus's Prayer
.Kodokhantor femagentēom I was [reflecting(?)] [on] your [powers(?)]
.Kodokanråd kåm lorag kenen b'ken shin b'bākh b'totē ranal tso marntavom I was thinking what [grace(?)] it is to be able to link to various places of your creation.
.Doprachizen b'zū dho mukhon b'tārūsh lemarnem met misho tsav te It is [amazing(?)] to me how complex to [?] you have created this universe I live in.
.Gath t'dho kenen — dhozonesh tārū t'bashtē vat — khagem gath b'tāgan khezū Still with how it is — [however(?)] [?] to five [senses(?)] — you [?] still to love for me.
.Parkh b'shem I [pray(?)] to you.
.Kåm shin barta t'gestoy rilnar b'fasē domadho t'parathom gahūtsāthom What (I am) able [to accomplish(?)] by Art not entirely [?] I am [achieving(?)] by your greatness and holiness.
.Votar a'shem khekåmrov kenem I praise you for who you are.
.G'chev a'shem khekåm l'artaem ga kåm boartaem And I thank you for what you have [done(?)] and what you will [do(?)].
.Ken chevet oyn mor'okh'mor kokenen remesfet b'vānu t'khoytag zu tsoshem g'bortaom I am thankful my(?) grandmother(?) was diligent to [?] by [?] end of you and your [?].

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