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The Riven Soundtrack CD

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The D'ni text on the Riven Soundtrack CD.
Text Translation Image

Middle ring:

.Met yisha kokenen koågo tenash mretson Amorelu

Much of this sentence remains undefined.

This [?] was [?] with [?] from Omorella.

Riven CD

Inner ring:

Rabil Jash Banē Hedur Rånd Jan

These seem to be D'ni transliterations of names and nicknames. These are my best guesses at what they might be:

Rabble, Josh, Bonny, Header, Rand, John.

RAWA's correction:

.Met yisha kokenen kopåzgo tenash mretson Azmorelu

RAWA later submitted this correction for the middle ring text. Apparenty, the words were misspelled on the CD.

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