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KIQuest is a program that uses passwords that you find in by running a Myst Online: Uru Live custom marker mission. For now, the game consists of two parts, KIQuest and a custom marker mission. The program is in a zip file and has a manual in PDF format and a readme file.

There are two ways to get the marker mission. The first is to ask another player who already has it, and the second is to get it from Magic Bot. The Marker Mission was created by Carl Palmner, KI# 258876, so you can get it from him by adding him to your buddies and sending him a KI-mail request.

To get the mission from Magic Bot, add him to your buddies (KI# 27527). If he's online and responding — you can find that out by sending him a private chat message with the word hi — send a private chat message to him. Just say Sendme 3557071. Magic Bot should send you the KIQuest marker mission. Note that Magic Bot was created and is operated by Mister Magic, so neither Carl or the owner of this site have any control over its online status. If you cannot get the game from the Bot, contact Mister Magic through his forum.

Once you have the marker mission, turn it on in Uru. Instructions on how to do this are in the FAQ at the end of the manual, for those who have never done a custom marker mission before. Begin searching for KIQuest markers, which are hidden all over D'ni and the Ages. Each time you find a KIQuest marker, you will be given a number and a password. Each marker in the mission corresponds to a “locked” marker in the KIQuest program. To unlock that marker, simply click on the correct numbered marker in the panel, enter the password, and click the check icon. The KIQuest program will award you with an amount of points that depends on how difficult that marker is to obtain. You can then use these points to unlock prizes within the KIQuest program, such as images, documents, and other bonuses.

Another thing to remember is that you must complete the first two (red and green marker) Great Zero marker missions and unlock the Great Zero Calibration Chamber before you can play custom marker missions. If you have not yet unlocked the Calibration Chamber, it's recommended that you finish those missions before requesting the KIQuest mission.

Click here to download the KIQuest Game File.

Explorer Ainia, who is also hosting the game file, has made a Wineskin DMG installer for Macintosh OS X. All you need to do is download and install it normally. The DMG is about 195MB and the installed app is about 402MB. It's only been tested it to ensure the menus work, so please contact Ainia, KI# 112888, and let her know if you have any problems installing or using the program.

Click here to download the KIQuest DMG File.

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