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December 29, 2000

Added Adrian D. Moten's one-shot short story, "A Gift for Mom".

November 10, 2000

Completed scanning the Sasuga no Sarutobi story "A Magician's Field Day".  "The Nikumaru Family Album" is next.

November 1, 2000

Added Latin_D's "Silent Battles Chapter 6: Offers, Choices, Destinies".

October 19, 2000

Added pages 42-48 of the Sasuga no Sarutobi scans.

October 17, 2000

Added the first release draft of DB Sommer's "Avenging, Act 6- Weighty Matters".

October 17, 2000

Added Aaron Bergman's "Turning the Wheel".

October 16, 2000

Added Adrian D. Moten's "Nareau Tofu One" and "Sacrifice for Manhood".

October 15, 2000

Added Aaron Bergman's "Slayers Nibunnoichi" part 2, "Eight Months in Nerima", and "Shock Value".

October 12, 2000

We have a new author: Aaron Bergman.  Aaron's first fan fiction story being posted here is: "Slayers Nibunnoichi" part 1, a Ranma ½/ Slayers crossover story.

September 24, 2000

Added Lone Wolf's "Lost" chapter 4: "Goodbye".

September 23, 2000

Updates and revisions made to Adrian D. Moten's "Kasumi ½", chapters 0-4.  Added "Kasumi ½" chapter 5: "Secrets No More".

September 22, 2000

Added Shades short stories: "A Rejected Private Bet #1", "Murphy's Law", "Something That Makes Perfect Sense"

September 21, 2000

Added Shade's "Private Bet #3" and "Private Bet #6", and Latin_D's character study "Faces in the Dawn".

September 20, 2000

Added Shade's "Private Bet #13" and John-Martin's "Bubblegum Angels, chapter 1".

September 17, 2000

We have a new author: John-Martin Lotz, writer of "All Relative", "By the Pool of the Drowned Sensei", and "Bubblegum Angels".  The first stories added to the archive are "All Relative", parts 1-5, and the "Bubblegum Angels" prelude.  The others will be added in due time.

September 17, 2000

Added Shade's "Private Bet #1: Bard's Stone", "Private Bet #11", and "Not a Private Bet #1".

September 14, 2000

Added more fics on Shade's page- "Private Bet #7: The Prince of Pigtails", and "Private Bet #8: Warriors of Love".

August 4, 2000

Added Latin_D's character study "A Shadow in Love" and updated Chapter 1 of "Silent Battles".  All of Latin_D's stories now have text versions, too.

July 22, 2000

Added two new short stories from Adrian D. Moten: a Kasumi ½ side story called "Life As You Like It" and an NGE/Animaniacs crossover called "Of Mice and Angels".

July 19, 2000

Added chapter 5 of Latin_D's "Silent Battles".

June 27, 2000

Added the first of a series of character studies by Latin_D, titled "A Hero's Wife".

June 22, 2000

Added the first draft version of DB Sommer's "Avenging Act 5"

June 21, 2000

Added chapter 4 of Latin_D's "Silent Battles".

June 19, 2000

Added the two most recent chapters of DB Sommer's "Avenging", and finished posting the complete run of "Swords and Roses", including "Ohtori Academy Blues".

June 9, 2000

Added chapter 3 of Donald McElreath's "Sound of Silence".

May 23, 2000

Shade has released a new part of Private Bet #10: Chapter 3-G: "The Season of Light…" {Shade's page has been reorganized.  The chapters have been broken up into subsections for easier navigation and faster loading times.  This was necessary because PB#10 has such large and complex chapter structures.}

May 20, 2000

We have a new author: Donald McElreath.  Donald is writing his first fan fiction story, "Sound of Silence", a Ranma ½ story.

May 16, 2000

We have a new author: Latin_D from Argentina.   Latin_D is new to fan fiction, and is writing a Ranma ½ - Robotech crossover story, "Silent Battles".

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