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March 19, 2007: Another long pause between updates. No, the site hasn't been abandoned.

I've been planning an new version of the Lost Library for some time now. However, just when it looked like I might have something to show, the site developer I'd been counting on became unable to continue. No fault or blame; it was just one of those things. But it did mean that after several months of work and waiting, the code I'd hoped for was suddenly no longer there.

Early this month, I got in touch with another coder who is now beginning to put together some basic PHP. We are planning to use a content management system called PostNuke as the backbone of the site, and he's designing the modules that will make the site do what I want it to.

We have tentative plans to open the design process to other people who might like to collaborate once we have the basic framework in place. We'll need PostNuke modules customized for various site functions peculiar to the needs of the Library.

The general idea I'm going for is a new system where people can sign up for site memberships. The normal kind will allow visitors to leave feedback on the author pages, post in a site forum, and after age verification, read lime and lemon tagged stories. There will be a seperate level of membership for authors, which will allow them to upload their own stories and convert them to html, post fan art in their own galleries, give ratings and special tags on the stories, and all the other little things they need to be able to do. All without needing me to do all the work manually. In other words, the Library will finally be dragged into the 21st century. Author memberships will not be on the open signup method, though. I'll only grant those to people whose writing is of sufficient quality to be worth it. The Lost Library will never force readers to wade through a hundred very, very bad stories to find the few good ones, the way one has to at FF.net.

So to those who have been waiting patiently for the site to have new stories, my most sincere apologies. The wait isn't over quite yet. But I assure you, we are working on it.

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