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A spamfic
by Brian Randall

This one is Ginrai— No, that's passť. This one is Corwin's fault. Yeah, that's it.

Disclaimer: Moved to footer to maintain the element of surprise.

Destined Couple

"No, you don't understand," pleaded Genma. "Ranma is destined to marry Akane."

Soun said nothing, merely increasing the pitch of his wail slightly, while everyone else looked at Genma oddly.

The part-time panda swore, and started over again. "Ranma can't be dead. He's destined to marry Akane. He can't defy his destiny, I even paid a fortune teller to make sure that it would work out!"

The gathered Tendo and Saotome families, minus Genma himself, turned away, leaving him alone in the suddenly cold and empty dojo.

"But…" he whined to the empty room, "It's destiny…"

Ranma opened his eyes slowly, trying to blink away the confusion, and an intense feeling of distortion. He grunted, the harsh glare of a halogen light blinding him as his eyes fluttered back closed.

A voice reached him, stabbing through the layers of fog shrouding his mind. "You will survive. Do not worry."

Mumbling, he responded, "Akane…" before he passed out again.

She was incredulous. "What are you telling me?"

The shorter girl before her replied tonelessly, "He said only your name before he became unconscious again."

She frowned, wondering, then nodded sharply. "Very well. I'll see him, then. Has professor Sanada said anything else about him, yet?"


The form on the bed stirred weakly, mumbling softly. She leaned forward to hear the whispered words before he lapsed back into unconsciousness. "I love you… Akane…"

Yamano Akane blushed darkly, her eyes widening at the proclamation. Turning to Dee, she squeaked out, "Has he been saying that a lot?"

The shorter green-haired girl simply stated in her monotone voice, "He has not said that until you arrived."

Akane nodded, swallowing and looking back at the unconscious, well built martial artist before her. He was far too young for her, but… but… "I wonder," she breathed, "if you believe in destiny…"


Disclaimer: Ranma © Rumiko Takahashi, Shogakukan, Kitty, and Viz Video. Dual! © AIC / Pioneer LDC.

Author's notes: Wow. No spoilers, even. Just a short spamfic to prove that a story can be a crossover and not bash Akane. See?

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