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D'ni Language, References, and Resources

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These pages are composed of reference materials and lessons about the D'ni language and writing system. One of the pages is devoted to a working calculator that can convert numbers, distances, and other values from base 10 to base 25 or to the various measurements used by the D'ni.

Many of these pages were orignally created by other people, and were exhibited on other web sites. In most cases, those web sites have disappeared as their designers or hosts lost interest and allowed them to lapse. I am reprinting the pages to keep their work alive, not out of any intention to plagiarize them. I give as much credit to the original authors as I can, and will remove their work from this site if they contact me and request it.

An exception to that is the D'ni Dictionary, which was created by Kh'reestrefah. It can still be found in its original host site. I'm reprinting it here because the original is both hard to read and a little bit hard to navigate. I've taken time to clean it up and organize it in a manner where you can find words more easily. I contacted Kh'reestrefah through the Myst Online forum to ask permission to host it here, and received it.

The Pictorial D'ni Dictionary is a project in which I illustrate the words in the D'ni Dictionary. The entries have illustrations of the word, the word written in D'ni, a transliteration, and its common English translation. The entries are a slide show, so just click on the back and forward buttons to work your way through it. By the way, it's not a replacement for the regular dictionary. It's missing a lot of words because I can't illustrate all of them. Words like and, or, of, a, the, and so on cannot be acted out or summed up in a photograph.

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