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The Galactic DestroyerThis letter's picture is from "Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow".

Long time, no letter. Such is life. I've been rather busy in my attempts to get a small business started. Still don't know if I'll succeed, but at least I'm trying. I'm installing warranty replacement parts in computers, and aiming to sell electronics retail later. And if things work out, maybe even anime eventually.

I've updated the Library with a number of new stories since the last letter... Too many. For that reason, I'm just listing the stuff from this year.

And I might have put this letter off longer if I hadn't been prompted to put it together by Andrew Lemly (Aondehafka). He sent me an excerpt from an upcoming chapter to put in it. See? If you send me submissions for the letter, it actually gets me to work (eventually)!

And in the comics corner, I'm dropping Azumanga because I'm so far behind with it. There's also the fact that it's not really related to anything I do. With that in mind, I'm putting in a strip from a comic I actually work on: Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow: The Early Years.

There are two strips at the NETTG site, authored by Ben Oliver, edited by me, and with two distinct stories. The art for the line comic is done by Esa, and the art for the sprite comic is done by Chesu. I'm going to put an example of the sprite version in this letter, because it's the most prolific line at the moment.


Excerpt from "Dream of the Earthbound" chapter 6:

Ryoga stared forward over the smooth, unbroken, pristine soil of the lot.  The terrain showed none of the common signs of his training, no craters from the Breaking Point, no half-submerged objects from the Graveyard Shift.  Certainly none of the massive blasted excavations caused by the Chain of Despair combo.  "Would you be proud, Akane?" he murmured.  "I haven't used the Shi Shi Hokodan at all since we talked.  I'm not sure it's helping me feel better, at least, not that part.  But knowing you care so much — that does help.  I promise, I won't fail you again."

With a deep breath and a frown of concentration, he dropped once more to his knees and braced his palms against the ground.  For a long moment, nothing discernable happened.  Then, with a grumble and a growl, the earth shuddered, convulsed, and disgorged a large, ragged chunk of concrete.  Ryoga stayed where he was for another minute, recovering from the exertion of this twist on the Graveyard Shift.  Making the ground swallow that thing whole had been easy enough.  Operating the technique in reverse… well, he didn't think he'd have it ready to unleash in a match any time soon.

Especially not with what he could see of his target even at this distance.  Ryoga stood and walked over to the chunk of cement, taking in all the details that hadn't been discernable from far away.  The black coating he'd applied to the entire surface of the object was still the predominant color, but there were numerous areas of bright gray showing, some in huge patches, others in scratches or streaks.  Each one of those places represented damage done to the concrete from the disgorgement technique, an overall level of damage that would translate to critical injury if this were used against a person.  Ryoga snorted and shook his head.  "If I wanted that, I'd just use the original like it was designed for."  And he certainly wouldn't be using this variant to give himself unlimited passage through the earth anytime soon.  His overall toughness might protect him, but he had no intention of popping out of the earth without his pants in the middle of a challenge match.

The Lost Boy let out a sigh.  He could see lots of possibilities for this variation, but so far all the good ones required a level of control that remained very far off.  It didn't help that this training seemed to exhaust him more quickly than anything he'd done in years.  Ryoga wasn't used to limiting his training to less than three hours a day.  Heck, he hadn't caved like that during either the Shi Shi Hokodan or the Bakkusai Tenketsu regimens, no matter how much suffering either had entailed.

Those memories, particularly the second set, led his thoughts circling back to something he'd been trying to avoid.  Ryoga shook his head, pulled out his black permanent marker, and began coloring over the fresh gouges on his target.  Better to focus on what was before him right now, rather than brood about Amazons and their threats against Akane.  He couldn't do anything about that right now, so he needed to focus on what he could do.  He needed to train, train hard and improve himself and reach true mastery and understanding of these principles as quickly as possible.  It was still a long ways down the road, but the ultimate goal he'd set his sights on deserved every ounce of effort he could put toward it.

With the concrete once again completely blacked out, Ryoga retreated half the length of the vacant lot and concentrated again.  By now it was becoming a strain even to make the ground perform the initial, unaltered Graveyard Shift.  Then again, perhaps having less energy could work in his favor.  Perhaps it would be easier to reach the level of control he needed when he wasn't working with his full strength.  Once the rock was completely submerged to the six inches he'd chosen for a target depth and the ground was once more smooth and unblemished, Ryoga took a moment to rest.  He didn't let his concentration falter, but for the moment he wasn't expending any of his flagging reserves.

"I suggest you leave it there, boy."

The unexpected voice, as dry as the air of a long-sealed tomb and about as welcome, shattered Ryoga's focus.  He lurched to his feet and spun around, gaping in dismay at the sight before him.  Less than ten feet away, standing — at least, he guessed she was standing — on the boundary wall of the lot was Matriarch Cologne.  Blast it all, he thought he'd be safe here from any prying eyes that knew him and would report his progress back to Ranma!  "Old woman, what are you doing in Osaka?!"

Cologne didn't bother to roll her eyes, chuckle, sigh, or in any other way make light of the usual confusion.  "This is Nerima, boy.  What's your third mistake?"

"What?  My third…?"  Ryoga let the question trail away into meaninglessness.  No doubt she was just trying to mess with his head.  "Never mind your questions, I've got one of my own!  Is it true that you and Shampoo had some kind of potion delivered out here from China, that'll turn Akane or Ukyo into cats just like a one-use Jusenkyo curse?!"

"It's a powder, not a potion; a one-use curse is exactly what it is; my great-granddaughter did it without consulting me; she intends to use the Instant Sloth variety on Akane rather than Instant Cat; she will only go to such a length if it proves necessary; and she chose this as a deterrent from either of them using her own curse against her.  Ukyo Kuonji resorted to that tactic in a battle with my Shampoo, and received her repayment four days ago.  Akane Tendo has not yet done so, at least not since Shampoo exchanged curses, and therefore remains unchanged."

Ryoga's hands clenched into fists.  His teeth glinted in the morning as he snarled, "You tell your Shampoo to stay away from Akane!"

In the blink of an eye Cologne crossed the distance separating them and gave him a painful thwap.  "Weren't you listening, boy?  I said as plainly as day that Akane is only at risk if she first engages in dishonorable, unfair, unworthy tactics!  Or do you think it's perfectly all right for someone to win a victory through such a method, as long as it's Akane Tendo who is doing it?"

"Like Shampoo wouldn't provoke her into it if she wanted to get justification to do it afterward," Ryoga grumbled back, forcing himself to use a milder tone.  He wasn't mollified in the slightest, but for now it seemed wise to let discretion prove the better part of valor.

"Bah.  Surely even a love-blinded fool like you can give my great-granddaughter the barest minimum of credit.  Even if you think she would resort to such tactics in a heartbeat if it were only a question of her own desires, you must know that she doesn't want to look bad to her beloved husband."

Ryoga snorted.  "Like he'd care.  That jerk has never once let himself see how great Akane really is, how she deserves to be treated.  He'd probably just laugh if Shampoo did that, at least if she used the Sloth stuff rather than the Cat."  He forced the glare away from his face, replacing it with a mask of determination.  "But I'm not like that, I won't just sit back and let Shampoo or Ranma or anyone treat her like that!  I'll fight your great-granddaughter if it comes to that, old woman.  I'm sure you'll see her again before I will, so make sure she knows."

Cologne's eyes narrowed.  "Are you sure you want that, boy?  Want me to tell my great-granddaughter that Ryoga Hibiki has declared she can't even defend herself from those who would turn her curse against her?  Excuse me, not everyone, merely the one person who's always been willing to do just that?"  She hesitated for a moment, teetering on the edge of two very different rebukes.  It would be easy enough to let her anger rise into flames, the anger Ryoga's unthinking Akane-can-do-no-wrong attitude had sparked even in one as controlled as her.  Easy enough to remind him that taking this tone was a very bad idea when they hadn't yet received, let alone passed along, the Nannichuan that Shampoo had ordered for him.

Ryoga took a half step backward, feeling a surge of anxiety mix with his anger as for a second the Matriarch's eyes seemed to burn.  Then, in the instant of an eyeblink, that was gone, and suddenly the ancient figure in front of him was more recognizably an old woman than he could ever remember seeing.  A woman old almost beyond his concept of the term, worn and shrunken and weary.

"Do you really believe that, Ryoga Hibiki?" Cologne asked quietly, staring at him with a gaze that Ryoga found it impossible to hold for long.  "That Akane Tendo can do no wrong?  That no matter what she does, it's okay because she's the one doing it?  That she must always be shielded from the consequences of her actions?  That my great-granddaughter's plan, one designed to teach empathy and understanding of what a curse victim goes through, is such a horrible travesty?  That Akane must never, ever suffer any such inconvenience, no matter how many times she takes advantage of the true curse Shampoo bears?"  She paused for a few moments, regarding him.  "Well, do you?" she snapped.

"…No," Ryoga was forced to admit, in a small, grudging voice.  "But that doesn't mean it's all right for Shampoo to just drop something like that on her out of the blue!  At least she needs to tell Akane why she would do it, heck, even give Akane the chance to deliberately use one of those powders herself to figure out what it's like!"

"She has already requested that my son-in-law give all those details to Akane Tendo, that she would have fair warning."  Cologne paused for another moment, scrutinizing Ryoga even more closely.  He seemed to be experiencing a mixture of relief, doubt, and concern.  If there was any anger at the thought that Ukyo Kuonji had received no such consideration, she couldn't find it.  Truth be told, she wasn't surprised.  At least this reaction was better than some he might have made.  "Perhaps if Miss Tendo is so kind and sweet, such an all-around treasure as you believe, she'll come up with the idea herself to try out a curse."

Ryoga was already shaking his head.  "Yeah, right, like Ranma will manage to explain any of this good enough for her to really understand.  She'll be lucky if he only insults her enough to ruin half her day."  That thought sparked another.  "Um… Granny?" he asked tentatively.  "I'd do a much better job than Ranma, I'm sure of it.  Do you think you could lead me back to the Tendo dojo?"

"Perhaps.  Right now I have more important things to discuss with you," she replied.  Besides, if Ranma knew what was good for him he would already have communicated these things to Akane.

"Can't they wait?" he asked piteously.  "I haven't seen her in so long… I finally made it back to her home the other day, but she was in the dojo training and I missed her then!  When I heard about what Shampoo was going to do, I got so mad I ran out to find her and warn her to back off, and of course I got lost right away…" he stumbled to a halt as he realized that, although it certainly was a tragic story designed to raise pity in the heart of the average listener, he might have been better off omitting certain details when he was telling it to Cologne.  "Er… I mean…"

"So you learned of this at the Tendo home," Cologne said, giving him a long, careful look.  It sent chills running up and down Ryoga's spine, even though somehow the fear didn't seem to be directed toward himself.  "Do you think Nabiki Tendo was deliberately trying to run you off, by using such a distraction?"

Ryoga made a disgusted sound.  "If she didn't want me around, all she'd have to do is splash me, grab me, and throw me up into the sky.  It'd take me another week just to find hot water, probably."  At least, without the soap Kasumi had given him.  "I figure she was just getting a few more kicks, by hitting me where it hurt."  He waited a few moments, seeing if Cologne would reply.  She remained thoughtfully silent, showing no signs of ire at his previous unfortunate choice of words.  He gulped, and asked again, "So… could you please lead me over to the Tendo place?  We can talk afterward, if you want."

"Ryoga, it's ten a.m. on a Tuesday," the Matriarch stated flatly.  "Akane is in the middle of class right now.  Trust me, boy, you've got nothing better to do right now than listen to one last lesson from me."

The Lost Boy glared up at the sun, as if it were one of the long line of conspirators who'd worked against him over the years.  It declined to shift through an eighty degree arc to suit his convenience, and so he sighed and said, "All right.  What did you want to talk about?"  His brow creasing ever so slightly, he added, "And what did you mean, the last lesson?"

Cologne opted to open with actions rather than words.  She turned away from Ryoga to gaze across the expanse of the lot.  Extending her staff and placing the knobby end on the ground, the Matriarch closed her eyes and concentrated.  For a long moment nothing visible happened… and then, slowly and smoothly, the blackened chunk of concrete rose from the depths of the earth.

"You're actually going to help me with this?" Ryoga breathed, uncertain as to why he'd receive such a stroke of fortune.  Even from this distance, he could see that this time the concrete hadn't suffered any large gouges or scrapes.  "I… I would really appreciate it."

"Don't misunderstand me," Cologne returned in a tone that brooked no argument.  "And don't jump the gun either, boy.  Take a closer look."  Ryoga's eyes bulged as the broken slab suddenly levitated into the air and floated over toward them.  The sight was in no way comparable to what the Tendo family had witnessed when Cologne unleashed the Fist of the Ice Bear, but Ryoga had been in Sapporo at the time.  To him, the sight of eighty pounds of solid mass floating through the air was daunting enough.  As the concrete settled down at his feet and Cologne gestured for him to examine it, he pushed aside his trepidation and complied.

From this distance, he could see that the chunk hadn't come through undamaged after all.  There were numerous small scratches and nicks speckled over the block, though none were large enough to detect at the original distance.  "Um, what did you want me to see?" he asked, unsure what the old woman's point could be.  "That's about a dozen times better than I was doing."

"It's also the best I can do with three centuries of experience under my belt," Cologne retorted.  "My personal style is Air, not Earth.  In my youth I knew a master of that school, and he could have brought that thing out of the ground larger and stronger than when it went in, by mixing the soil and stone of the earth itself into the concrete."

"Whoah," Ryoga breathed, glimpsing vistas he hadn't yet dreamed of.

Cologne's staff against his head brought him back to reality, though the Matriarch used just enough force to regain his attention, not to actually dish out pain.  "As Matriarch of the Chinese Amazons, I have at least heard of all major techniques and styles that our people collected or developed over three thousand years.  I've learned as many as my personal limits allow.  But with the elemental styles, it is impossible for anyone to master more than one of them, because of the nature of chi in general and the human aura in particular."

"So you know some stuff about what I'm trying to learn, but you can't teach me anything really big," Ryoga said.  "I still don't get why you thought that was so important.  Even whatever you do know and can pass on to me would be a lot of help!"

"Boy, what we have here is a failure to communicate," Cologne pronounced.  "I want you to think back to the one lesson I taught you directly."

"The Breaking Point," he said.  "That's an earth technique, isn't it?"  It was something he'd been suspecting lately, a suspicion that had moved closer and closer to certainty with all his recent training in the Graveyard Shift and its potential variations.  Cologne certainly hadn't taught it like that, hadn't said any of the things he'd learned for the Graveyard Shift about focusing his own strength and self into the rock he was trying to affect.  Then again, he could understand why the Amazons taught the Bakkusai Tenketsu like they did; his training for the Graveyard Shift hadn't had any kind of secondary physical benefit.

"Ah, you do remember.  Now draw your mind back just a bit… not quite as far back as the training itself, think of your battle with my son-in-law and its aftermath.  I haven't forgotten," Cologne said quietly, ominously, dangerously.  "I remember all too well the image of you charging him with your finger outstretched, as if to trigger his own bloody exploding death.  I recall a piglet squealing in fury when I revealed that the earth's body is the only one the technique affects."

Ryoga said nothing in reply.  Cologne didn't allow him to get away with silence forever, though.  "Have you forgotten, Ryoga?  Do you still resent that the move doesn't do everything you assumed it did?"

"No," he muttered, and fell silent once more.

"Do you hold a grudge at me for letting you think what you did?"

"No.  But…" he struggled for a few more moments, not sure that what he was about to say was true.  Cologne merely stared at him, letting the silence stretch until he continued, "But I would like to know why."

"Certainly," Cologne returned in a silky smooth voice that immediately made Ryoga certain he shouldn't have asked.  "It was a test.  Much like the one I set for my son-in-law, when I shared with him the secret of the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken.  That is, those two situations are similar in my motivations and goals, that each time I was laying a challenge before a talented young warrior to see how he fared."  She pinned him with the most intense stare Ryoga had experienced in a long time.  "Ranma passed.  You failed."

Ryoga hung his head.  "Yeah, I guess I can see that," he said quietly.  The mistakes that Ranma had forced him to acknowledge weren't the only ones he'd faced up to since that fight.  "For what it's worth, I'm sorry.  I am still glad of the gift you gave me, though."

"It is the last such gift you will receive from the Chinese Amazons," Cologne pronounced.  In the privacy of her own mind, she continued, 'Unless you go to truly heroic lengths to overcome the poor start you made.'  Frankly, his reaction to the most recent twist of this conversation was more than she'd hoped for, offering the barest glimmer of light to Cologne that he might be redeemable for her purposes after all, that a few years of work might see him worthy of the kind of trust she'd like to be able to place in him.

Perhaps she could lay a little more groundwork for that possible redemption now.  "Remember what I said a while ago about my people collecting styles, secrets, and techniques?  It's one of the higher-honored positions in our society.  We owe a great debt to the ones who carry out that task, who travel over the world seeking new or forgotten elements of the Art, arcane lore, artifacts too dangerous to allow ordinary people to get their hands on them, that sort of thing.  I believed it would be a good fit for you, Ryoga.  That it would work well for everyone to take you back to the village, give you a few years of stability to grow and find a girl or two who were a good match for you, then let you go forth as a family to stumble over knowledge and artifacts for a greater, worthwhile purpose."

Ryoga wasn't sure just what to think of that.  No end to his journeys… but companionship along them?  He shook his head, forcefully discarding the idea since it obviously wasn't an option any longer.  Wanting to change the subject to one less painful, not to mention less personal, he replied, "You said you tested me and Ranma both.  Is that what you're planning for him and Shampoo?"

"I'm not making any plans that detailed for their future together," Cologne replied.  "If you want to know whether I think it's a good choice for them, then the answer is yes.  But they will find their own way together as they learn new things and grow stronger, whether that's in our home village, abroad as they journey, here in Japan if we decide to found a new outpost of the Joketsuzoku in Nerima, or perhaps some path that they'll chart all on their own."

"Maybe you ought to tell Ranma that," Ryoga suggested.  Anything that got the pigtailed paragon of pride away from Akane for good sounded good to him.  "If he's really got that kind of freedom and choices waiting for him with Shampoo, I don't think he knows it yet."

"All in good time," Cologne replied.  "That's something that should develop naturally, as he and Shampoo talk about their hopes and dreams for the future.  Too much interference on my part will only be counterproductive."

Ryoga blinked in mild disorientation, caught off-guard by this attitude.  'Maybe I've spent too much time around Akane's and Ranma's dads.'

"I generally only step in when I know there's something real to be gained," the Matriarch continued briskly, moving the conversation back to the point she'd originally intended to make.  "Such as not allowing my son-in-law to lose a valuable rival and sometime-ally to a preventable training accident."

"Huh?  What's that supposed to mean, Granny?"

Cologne gestured first toward the block of concrete, then to the ground in general.  "I mean I may not have any real strength in the Earth style, which you must know by now is what you're stumbling and groping toward, but I know enough of the secrets of chi and the human body's use of it to know just how close to the edge you were walking."  She braced the tip of her staff against the ground and vaulted to its head, the better to look him in the eye.  "Without proper training, without the oversight of a true master of the style, you can injure or kill yourself by pushing too far too fast.  It's true of all four elemental schools, and in fact it's the case for any set of techniques at this level.  You're taking your first true steps up to the next stage of mastery, when you begin to understand the force of life itself, when you learn things that can extend your lifespan immeasurably and give you strength enough to shake the world around you."

Impossibly the Matriarch's gaze intensified.  Ryoga would have taken a step back if he wasn't paralyzed like a bird by the gaze of a snake (with the small but crucial difference that this 'snake' was working in the bird's best interests).  "Do you understand me now?  For your own sake, don't rush into this.  There's no-one to guide you, Ryoga, by Chinese Amazon law and the choices you yourself made, I can't give you more than this.  You're on your own, in a situation where there's no shame in taking baby steps.  Quite the opposite in fact; it would be a shame indeed if Ranma lost one of his most valuable comrades."  Cologne paused for emphasis, then said,  "If Akane lost her most faithful friend."

"A-Akane," he managed through a mouth dry as cotton.  "I… I wanted to teach her these things too, once I mastered them enough."

"If you're willing to hear an old woman's words of wisdom, then let me suggest you hold off on that for at least five years," Cologne returned.  "That should give you time enough to learn what you need, let you teach her without putting her at risk."  'Hopefully it will also be long enough for her to get over losing Ranma to Shampoo, move past the bitterness and sorrow, and grow to be a better person because of it.'

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June 25, 2005

Added chapter 6 of "Ranma: Sextacular", "Fusions that Should Never Be #5: Full Metal Azumanga", and chapters 12 and 13 of "Should Old Acquaintance Be Forgot" to DB Sommer's page.

June 26, 2005

Added a Marmalade Boy short story called "Cast Adrift of Memories Bliss" and an Azumanga Daioh short story called "The Cross Dressing Caper" to DB Sommer's page.

June 25, 2005

Added Act II, Scene 2 and side story #3 of "Avenging" to DB Sommer's page.

May 15, 2005

Added a songfic called "Into the Light" to Jiro Maeda's page.

April 26, 2005

Added book 2, chapter 5 of "Honour and Pride" to Beer-monster's page.

April 13, 2005

Added chapter 5 of "Dream of the Earthbound" to Aondehafka's page.

April 12, 2005

Added the prologue and chapter 1 of a new Ranma / Sailor Moon crossover called "Gunslinger Moon" to Josh Temple's page.

March 25, 2005

Added chapter 4 of "Dream of the Earthbound" to Aondehafka's page.

February 10, 2005

Added chapter 10 of "The Return" to Josh Temple's page.

December 25, 2004

Added an Azumanga short story called "Family Relations" to DB Sommer's page.

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